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Iraq War Update

September 12th, 2007

General Patraeus and Ambassador Crocker have updated Congress on the progress of the “Surge” strategy in Iraq.  You can find Gen. Patraeus’ prepared statement on the House web site.  Additionally you can find the charts that accompany his testimony on the Defene Dept. site.  You can also access The Report of the Independent Commission on the Security Forces of Iraq on the Senate web site.

New Pick-up Location for CONSORT, OhioLINK, and ILL Materials

September 3rd, 2007

The Libraries have moved ALL HOLDS to the Gault Reserves Desk in the main library. Now everyone can pick up their Andrews/Gault Library PRINT RESERVES, CONSORT HOLDS, OhioLINK HOLDS, and ILLiad Interlibrary Loan HOLDS (replaces WebZap) all at the same place.

Faculty dropping off their COURSE RESERVE items are asked to continue to drop them off at the Gault Reserves Desk as well, complete with a filled-out course reserves form to ensure the reserves are processed properly.

Reserves and ILLiad Interlibrary Loan questions can be directed to David Wiebe, Access Services Daytime Manager (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, ext. 2137, and CONSORT/OhioLINK HOLDS questions can be directed to Alyssa Weldon, Access Services Evening Manager (Sunday-Thursday, 2pm-11 pm, ext. 2136, In their absense, questions can be directed to Julia Gustafson (ext. 2315,

New eBook Collection

September 3rd, 2007

The College of Wooster Libraries is subscribing to a collection of ca. 30,000 academic titles through ebrary. The titles in this collection are available to multiple simultaneous users and do not require any kind of ‘checkout’ process. The titles are fully cataloged in CONSORT: to see a full list of titles available, search by keyword ‘ebrary.’

To access the titles, the ebrary reader software must first be installed on your computer (it is already installed on all library and lab computers on campus). If you would like assistance with this, please contact IT. Once the software is installed, one can access book content directly. One can also create an individual (or course) account and create a personal bookshelf; bookmark, highlight, and annotate passages; print passages and choose the citation style of the citation that automatically prints.

For more information, go to